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  • 						zxcvbnm1 female  -  brak motta

brak motta


Ostatnio zalogowana:
56 lat, female
Rzeszów, podkarpackie
average/ medium built
Marital status:
I don't have
Do I want children:
don't know
master's degree
Roman Catholic
Zodiac sign:
not keen
don't like
not important
I'm looking for:
Hair color:
dark brown
Eye color:
sensitive, witty, confident, romantic, reserved, quiet, understanding
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,,Koń jaki jest każdy widzi"

Lubię właśnie konie, psy, dworki, przyrodę, prowadzić samochód, wycieczki, książki...
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Mój wymarzony partner

Ktoś o podobnych zainteresowaniach, opiekuńczy, o pogodnym usposobieniu, przyjaciel na dobre i na złe
riding, cycling
Free time:
movies, concerts, domestic
reading, photo, travel
action, romantic comedies, adventure, thriller
country, dance, classical
sensitive, witty, romantic, outgoing, understanding
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Niedyskretne pytania (115)

  • Career or family?
    family life comes first, then a career
  • Do you like everything to be clean and tidy?
    I don’t worry about such little things
  • Where do you like to go shopping?
    I don’t mind where I do my shopping
  • Could you enjoy sex at a distance?
    definitely not, I’d miss the intimacy
  • What does “single person” mean to you?
    someone who doesn’t have a partner by choice, and is happy living alone
  • Could you be with someone who’s divorced?
    why not – everyone should have a second chance and the right to happiness
  • In bed: angel or devil?
  • Cuddling or kissing?
  • Depravity or restraint?
  • White wine or red?
  • A bouquet of flowers or a candlelit dinner?
    candlelit dinner
  • On the blanket or under the blanket?
    on the blanket
  • Strip poker or spin the bottle?
    spin the bottle
  • Are you a seducer, or do you get seduced?
    I get seduced
  • Angel or devil?
  • To the cinema or for a film?
    for a film
  • Smell or taste?
  • Cinema or theatre?
  • Wild or elegant?
  • Film: erotic or romantic?
  • In which sexy competitions would you prefer to take part in?
    a hurdle race for couples in bikinis; with her on my shoulders
  • What do you usually think when you look in the mirror in the morning?
    wow, yesterday was quite an evening...
  • I’d prefer my beloved to call me:
    darling, treasure
  • What quenches your thirst quickest?
    fruit juice
  • My partner’s hair should be:
  • What can a real man not go without?
    a real woman
  • How long do you usually spend exchanging e-mails before you get down to specifics?
    what does “specifics” mean?
  • You’re going on a date with someone who you’ve fancied for a long time:
    I keep it to myself
  • What kind of bedclothes do you like?
  • What’s your ideal menu for bed?
    strawberries and champagne
  • If you meet the person of your dreams:
    thinking it’s only a dream, I pass them by
  • A walk on the beach at sunset, with the body warm and romance in the air?
    OK, but why does no-one mention having to shake the sand off our clothes and hair afterwards?
  • What would you be prepared to do in order to get a partner?
    anything including kidnapping
  • I am interested in people who:
    like me
  • Which season best expresses your character?
    summer: stormy, mature, with a hot temperament
  • What men’s names do you like most?
    Ovid, Aristotle, Pythagoras
  • What’s under your bed:
    only carpet – there’s nothing of interest there
  • What puts you in a Valentine’s mood?
    a special present received that day
  • What is it inappropriate for a man to do?
    talk about his love conquests
  • What breed of dog best reflects your personality?
    German shepherd – clever, intelligent, compromising
  • On a first date the thing that makes the most impression on me is the person’s:
    something completely different
  • I prefer to spend long weekends:
    sightseeing in interesting places
  • What do you think about cuddling?
    yes, but without going to far – I won’t be hugged to death
  • I most like to talk about:
    travel and adventure
  • Are you attracted by risk?
    yes, although… I’m a little bit frightened
  • How tall should your partner be?
    definitely a lot taller than me
  • What is your strongest feature?
  • What do you want to find on Sympatia?
  • Second-hand clothes are:
    a way of dressing cheaply
  • Are you superstitious?
    generally no, although I observe a few selected superstitions
  • What should the first kiss be like?
    promising something more
  • On a first date I don’t want to talk about:
  • What do you think of your appearance?
    others pay me compliments, that’s enough for me
  • Do you like to stand out from the crowd?
    it’s nice, but on a bad day I prefer to hide away
  • Your dream way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is:
    a candlelit dinner at a cosy restaurant
  • Do you like dancing?
    just give me a good partner and watch me go!
  • Do you believe in dreams?
    no, they’ve never come true for me
  • What do you notice first about someone when you first meet?
    how they speak
  • How do you react to compliments?
    I listen to them with satisfaction
  • What sort of e-mails do you most like to get?
    jokey, disarming, ironic, a bit teasing
  • What colour do you paint your nails?
    red – predatory and sexy
  • What extreme date would you agree to without hesitation?
    some fast off-road driving
  • What underwear do you wear every day?
    whatever makes me feel sexy, even though others can’t see it
  • I dress:
    in my own style
  • Are you addicted to anything?
    I don’t get addicted
  • Parties at the weekend usually finish:
    it all depends on the company and my mood
  • Contraception is:
    I don’t need to worry about it at the moment
  • Where would you spend your ideal date?
    in the open air: first a walk, then a picnic in the grass and some fun on the blanket
  • What kind of men do you like most?
    I don’t have a special type
  • What do you think of flirting by text?
    it’s a great extension to real flirting
  • You get an invitation to an event. You’d prefer it to be tickets for:
    the opening of a play by a famous director
  • How do you start your day?
    by summing up the previous day
  • I usually buy clothes:
    over the Internet – I don’t usually have time for anything else
  • What is most important in bed?
    a hot temperament
  • Do you always start foreplay in the same way?
    no, I don’t like to repeat myself
  • A perfect place for love:
    in nature: grass, sun and meadow
  • Your partner buys you some skimpy red underwear. How do you react?
    I put it on straight away and persuade him to take it off me just as fast
  • What arouses you the most?
    sensual perfume
  • You get an message with erotic overtones. How do you react?
    I ignore it completely
  • What do you value most about sex?
    the closeness of the other person
  • What would you say to a holiday romance?
    of course – it’s one of the elements of a relaxing summer :)
  • What definitely puts you in the mood for love?
    during a romantic dinner over wine and candlelight
  • Someone you’ve liked for a long time asks you to their place, and you’ve forgotten to wax. What do you do?
    I agree – he won’t even notice when we’re between the sheets
  • Piercings in various places?
    no, I can’t stand them!
  • What do you associate with sex appeal?
    confidence and awareness of your own worth
  • At the moment of pleasure, I’m most turned on when my partner:
    holds me tight
  • What kind of partner in bedroom do you dream of?
    tender and loving
  • Topless sunbathing is:
    a matter of taste – if it offends someone, they needn’t look
  • Someone proposes sex without commitment. How do you react?
    with hesitation, promising to think it over
  • My idea for an erotic present is:
    edible underwear
  • Do you like bawdy words whispered in your ear?
    I like them very much, it makes the fun wonderful
  • Would you go shopping for erotic gadgetry together?
    yes, it would be an excellent prelude...
  • What would you think about a no-strings affair with a stranger?
    sometimes I dream about something like that, but it stays in the realm of the imagination
  • What most quickly breaks down your resistance?
    a few glasses of good wine
  • You are most turned on when:
    you both feel the tension rising
  • What would you most like to experiment with in bed?
    whipped cream
  • At what time of day do you prefer to have sex?
    anytime – it doesn’t matter when, it’s who and how that matter
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